Choose the Pathways to
Becoming You…

The internet, with its rich
bounty of resources, is an amazing space to figure out ways to work on inner
discovery, self-care and self-development.

This space will lead you towards
curated content that can help you take first steps towards reaching
out to yourself

Step into a World that
helps you Inspire Yourself 


Self Discovery

Begin the journey into your inner space to uncover
who you are
and what you want to do…

Introspective stories, journals, exercises, and other interesting
activities that take you on a remarkable journey of self awareness and self

Journey into Yourself


Self Care

Become your own best friend for You are the one who is always around you…

Enter the realms of self care. Begin it with a dose of self compassion
and move ahead into practicing the art of mindfulness. Explore several simple, yet satisfying ways to care for

Discover interesting ways to care for yourself 


Self Development

Progression is the essence of life. Explore ways in which the You of today can become a better You tomorrow…

Find your purpose in life. Figure out how to sustain your creativity.
Enable habit formation. Look at ways to develop your productivity. And do so
much more,everything of which will lead you from where
you are to where you want to be

Find out how you can enable yourself into Progression 


Healing yourself

Emotions arise from within, and so it is very possible to become our own healers

Explore small actions that will help you heal
yourself a little bit everyday
. Everything from art to sculpting to
journaling, and meditating is a little something that you can do to indulge in
the practice of reaching for the light within.

Healing can be an
exciting activity


Simplify Life

The secret to beauty, joy and inner peace lies in the art of Simplicity

Find out how to keep a simple home, practice simple habits, and sustain
simple relationships
, all of which lead to a more focused mind, and result
in a deeply satisfying lifestyle.

Check out creative
ways to Simplify Life