The Hand of Math…?!

I rescued a grape yesterday. Yeah, you can read that again – I rescued a grape.

The story goes like this – I was standing there washing a bunch of grapes, when one of them decided to rebel. It was tiny – it is always the young ones that rebel, tell me about it – and simply jumped into another pot of water.

Trust me, I let it be. When my best buddy in school went rogue, I let her be. And used the same strategy with this young grape. But then, just like the best friend, this grape too kept calling me.

Or maybe it was the other grapes that told me to go after the one that broke away. Whatever the case, I dove right in, wearing my Wonder Woman cape. I dipped my hands into the cold water, and fished out the wild grape, successfully bringing it back into the fold.

Congratulating myself on playing God with such determination and ease, I turned around to leave when, sploch!!!

I did not hear the sploch as much as I felt it, right under my foot. I had stamped upon a runaway grape, a large one at that. The poor, ripe soul perished under the might of my rather large, blind legs.

As I picked up the dearly departed grape to drop it into the garbage bin, I was hit by the eye for an eye ephiphany. The concept sounded too spiritual for my curious mind. I simply had to derive the science behind the working of the Fates. And lo and behold, there stood the math.

An eye for an eye, mathematically, worked out to be one grape for another, an old for a young, an abandoned soul for a rebellious one – the Fates managed to work themselves out spectacularly well.

But what when they didn’t? What happens when the balance sheets don’t add up?! What happens when we try to have the cake and eat it?

A culling happens.

I remember the photo of a young kangaroo, burnt, and frozen in its burnt state, in an Australian forest fire. With the Corona burning bright, you and I are in the middle of a culling. Nature has her own way of operating her balance sheets.

The nature of life is this – it is measured. We live with an invisible clock, ticking away until the moment it stops ticking away. Within each one of us, irrespective of whatever our nature – plant, beast, bee or human – there exists a time bomb of sorts that is pre-programed to go off at a certain time. Now, why do we need a time bomb, you ask?

But then how can the young grow, unless there is space to grow?!

Earth, and everything that happens on Earth is measured. Which means, there is only space for so much to grow – only so many jungles, natural or concrete; only so many lives, young or old. And that is why, when things get out of hand – when things become unmanageable – a culling happens.

It is Nature’s way of ensuring peace when the numbers overwhelm her. When her creations are not ready to share, take turns and play fair, Nature shuts down the game. Yeah, she is a gangster Mom, all right!

And how do on Earth do you propose to make peace with gangsta Mom?!

Earth, and everything that happens on Earth is also in circulation. You see, circles are very clever ways to keep things in place. What goes around, also comes right back around, as is the way with the cycle of birth and death, and everything else that happens in between.

There are a few ways to work within the cycle. The first one is to accept what comes to us – people, places, situations – accept everything as it arrives and leaves and keep moving on – let it all go. The second way is to fight back – demand, demand, demand, and keep striding ahead – hold onto every bloody thing. The third way, is to figure out a way – hold onto to some of the stuff, and let go of some of the other stuff – figure out our priorities, and then work on the give and receive part of the treaty. What we are doing here, is making a deal with the rest of Nature, while sitting down for coffee and biscuits with the numbers. Simply put, rescue the tiny grape, “unknowingly” squash the ripe one, and lay the blame fair and square, on the Fates.

Afterall, a hand is a hand, whether it is that of God, Math or Peace…

Here’s to creating win-win situations, by hook, and if not, by crook!

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