Wings in the Wind – How to Cope During Times of Hardship

It was a cloudy evening. Hoping that rains would arrive to ease the drought situation in the city, I stepped into the balcony to look up at the dark clouds. My hands were holding onto the railing when the wind began to woosh by.

I sighed.

The winds are no rain’s friend. I knew that the city would not see much rains that evening. My eyes skimmed the clouds and began to return to the ground. But in between the clouds and the trees, my attention was drawn to the birds in motion. They were flying…nay, they were doing something else in the air. They were gliding.

There was no flapping of feathers, no intention to gain speed over one another, no desire to dive and jump. The birds were all gliding in the otherwise blue canvass of a sky that was currently splashed by a dark-grey painting of pregnant clouds.

Their wings lay still in the whispers of the wild winds. The birds did not fight to fly through the winds. They chose to glide through them instead.

Now, why did the birds not fly through the wind like they normally would?

It was simply because they knew that while it was perfectly normal to beat their wings against the rhythm of a light breeze, it was futile to try and defeat the deafening roar of the strong winds.

As I moved away from the balcony, I understood the lesson that Nature was trying to teach me through the flight of the birds.

Just like how the birds move through the wind, we too move through various situations in life. Some of these situations are like the gentle breeze. We can work our way through them with some effort to reach our destinations. However, in the might of disastrous situations, it makes better sense to glide through it, rather than try and fight it out. Because, it is futile to fight against something that is much more powerful than us – that we have no control over.

Rather, we make a wise choice to wait it out. For our situation, just like the mighty wind, is just passing through.

Sometimes, the best way to stick to our sanity is to simply accept our difficulty for what it is – a shift in the passage of time.

The Nature around is no different from the Nature within.

Here’s to growing through acceptance, and making wise choices!

For long before the smart phones and the internet connections, long before the black boards and the wooden benches, and long before the bearded men and their wise words, we learnt on the laps of Nature – her external visuals making silent connections with the Nature within. Here’s to getting back to the lessons from Nature, our Teacher One!

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