how we are AI

How we are the AI we have Created

Sitting in my son’s cricket class, I get to observe a lot of children doing a lot of things…that simply amazes me. There are primary schoolers who make fielding adjustments like the professionals. Then, there are the tots that can deliver classic hits just like the best batsmen I see on TV do. And of course, there are the boys and girls who bowl so well that I often see the coaches awing their performance post-classes.

The abundance of talent never ceases to amaze me. Or you, either.

Every place, right from schools, to TV shows, to online spaces, have transformed into areas that keenly show-off and promote children’s talents. We watch singing shows where the much experienced judges sit with hanging jaws, completely shocked at the display of talent in front of them. The internet is filled with videos of parents posting everything from what their kid did to what they said.

Talent has grown, exponentially.

Did we miss a generation or two here?

We all know how the flower blooms – overnight, and without us noticing that it has bloomed. And then, come morning, we “ooh” and “aah” over the beautiful blossoms.

Talent has blossomed similarly – somewhere, in some space of time that went unnoticed. But also so suddenly, that it is all around us, thrusting itself upon us, begging to be noticed.

What do you mean?

Let us draw some comparisons. Up until the time we grew, growth seemed to be moving at a steady pace. We know this because our parents did not notice anything great about us. Neither did our teachers. They just complained about our callousness and threw chalk pieces at us. Life, in other words, was simple.

Now, compare this to you and me as a parent. We just cannot stop raving about our children’s intelligence, and the noise we create is definitely deafening.

When we think about it, our children’s rate of growth comes as a no-brainer. We grew just as well as everything around us grew – softer parenting, better schooling, playtime and chatter with friends, the weekend TV shows, and the movies in between. We can say that the way the world grew through the middle of the century and up until about the 80s was pretty steady.

Then, all things artificial began to expand rapidly.

What is the connection?

There was artificial in the movies and on TV shows, and our brain began to crave drama, which by itself is an artificial take on reality. This is how artificial seeped into our brain. And then, there was the artificial in the air, water, food, beauty products, etc. So, that was how artificial entered our blood streams, and began to move in cohesion with the artificial in our brain.

Is it any wonder that we have given birth to kids who are, in part, AI themselves?

I have my doubts

The thing that makes AI so amazing is that it can do the same things we can, albeit at super high speeds. Well, our children have also developed the ability to do the same. The speed at which their brain processes information, while not as high as AI, is also not at the same level as the speed of our own brain.

That is how both AI and the kids of today share the same “wow” factor.

While all of this is because of all the artificial stuff in the blood stream, the worrisome factor is that all of this is also “so not natural.”

How so?

It is evolution that make humans an intrinsic part of nature, and it is evolution that has also made us forget that we are a part of nature.

Humans have progressed by observing the rest of nature at work, and inculcating similar traits within. That is how everyone right from our ancients to the UN figured out that it was sustainability that leads to harmonious living. And that is also how we understood that growth should be like the trees – in stages, and through strength.

It is this observance that had (so far) retained the essence of childhood through its innocence, values and laughter, the absence of which is galore in the present generations. The encouragement of information processing within the brain is killing the child slowly.

But we are only growing children to face today’s challenges

Quite unlike AI, there is only so much of information that the human brain can take. This is because of the one crucial difference between humans and AI. And that is called emotional processing.

While AI is free to focus only on information processing, the human brain is also attending to emotional processing jobs. So, even as we are growing our children’s informational quotient, we have failed to notice their emotional disturbances.

Until their batteries die away.

And their batteries are dying away…

Have you observed that kid who can score full marks in his math and science but throws his pencil away suddenly and without any provocation? The girl in grade two, who cries when she watches children crying in the movies; the boy in grade six, who grabs his classmate’s neck when he is teased; and the other one in grade four, who cannot restrain himself enough to sit down for a complete meal – they are all AI whose batteries are failing them.

Our children, and many of us, are growing through intelligence, but without the ability to handle this intelligence. And this ability is called “emotional management.”

For before the strongest neural connections happen, emotions happen. We are born with our emotions and…

Emotional management should become our greatest ability

Things get messy when we try to turn back time. We know this when we see every elderly person who has begun to behave like a baby, as helpless and as incoherent. Growing with time, is the best way to grow – in stages, and through strength.

That is why the need of the hour is to grow in strength both physically and emotionally to match the AI within us. We need to collaborate with AI to enable progress for both ourselves and the world around us. And aren’t we doing it already?!

We run to health with AI keeping a track of our health. People are healed into health with AI helping doctors at the operating table. We move through the universe with AI helping us watch our wildest dreams come true. AI was created so humans could team-up with it to enable progress, not abuse it as we are doing now.

If we work with AI, we can enable the one thing that no one else has done before – a One World, at peace with its artificial nature. And if we work with AI, we can go to the one place that no one has gone before – Heaven on Earth.

Here’s to heralding the future! And here’s to heralding peace and prosperity!

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