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Transformational Energy: How to Channelize the Force Within

Despite living in the middle of a concrete jungle, I am blessed to have nature have my back. Literally. The view from my balcony is a sight to behold.

Every day, is a sight to behold. I count the number of flowers that have bloomed overnight. Then, there are the tamarind pods that have grown longer. Sometimes, there is an extra chirp of birds, and I know that it is either a different season or a fresh batch of chicks have broken out of their shells. And of course, I cannot leave out the butterflies that were not out there yesterday.

Every day, I get to witness a transformation. I get to experience a larger, unseen, unfelt, force channelize itself into change, and into life.

And I wonder if we could do the same.

What is transformational energy anyway?

In simple words, transformational energy is a force that enables change.

The force could transform a larva into a butterfly. It could transform a seed into a tree. Or, it could transform a child into an adult. However differently the force works with every form that it enters, it enables the same thing all around – change.

And, that is why this force is called transformational energy.

Where does this energy originate?

Any force helps us to get work done. So, where does this force originate then?

Let’s think about it. Or rather, let’s ask the questions. It is the legs that make us walk. So, is the force within the legs, or does it lie in the desire or need to walk? Does force work because of a functionality or does it work on account of a feeling – an emotion? What is it the force that makes me write? Where was this force during my young adult age?

Force, on account of a functionality, is  a machine-characteristic – not human, and not natural. Remember, that it is hunger that leads to the hunt, and hunger is an emotion. That is why, the energy that drives force is emotion.

What is the point of emotion behind energy?

Imagine this situation – lions don’t hunt for food, and they just…hunt. Imagine what would happen if lions hunted for fun. Yeah, fun! The cycle of life would be irrevocably damaged if lions went away from their natural desire to hunt. It is this emotion that keeps the lions “grounded” to following natural laws.

Well, we humans seem to have a thing for breaking natural laws. It is no wonder that an increasing number of us are finding it difficult to cope with life. It is simply because we don’t read Energy right to harness it right.

So, how do we channelize energy in the right way?

Begin with the end in mind

While the greater Energy by itself is an untamed, wild, force; transformational energy is a channelized one simply because it is a means to an end. Plants channelize sunlight, water, nutrients from the soil and Co2 to ensure the best possible growth. Anything more or anything less would lead to their doom, and quite unlike us, they seem to be completely aware of this balance. Just like the plants, begin with an end in mind. Figure out how you want to be, where you want to be, when you want to be, and why you want to be. This is the step where you work out your purpose and vision. This is your point B.

Figure our your energy points

It was Gandhi’s anger that fueled India’s great freedom movement. Likewise, it was Gautama Siddhartha’s frustration that led him towards finding and enabling peace. It is an intense need to get these thoughts out of my head that is forcing me into typing these words. Otherwise, I am a wayward whiler-away of life (so not proud of this confession) So, what are your energy points? Your transformation point could be anything from anger, desire, grief to hunger. Every single emotion will lead you towards change. This is your point A.

Equip yourself for the climb

It is foolish to try and climb a mountain without the proper tools, or enter a tunnel without a torchlight. That is why it does us good to pack our bags with the necessary tools. Let us get into Gandhi’s mind and try to figure out what could have been in his bag. Among the various tools that come out would be the power of persuasion, the strength of his voice, and the knowledge that comes with lawyerhood. What are the tools that you would want to carry with you on your way to point B? Remember, tools are not just skills. They are complete personalities. What is the personality that you want to develop?

Think Win-Win

When we imagine dream vacations and pristine beaches, we also usually imagine only ourselves on those pristine beaches. Our unique personalities keep moving us towards the progression of “I.” But every “I” also comes from a “We.” My growth is intrinsically connected to yours, and the best transformation takes place comes when we transform together. It is always better to climb plateaus than mountains, for the view from the mountain-top, as awesome as it may be, is also pretty lonely. Develop empathy and show compassion to grow and let grow.

Be the Lotus

Despite the fact that it is surrounded by dirt, the lotus still thrives in its home. Our head space can sometimes get clogged with a lot of dark thoughts – things can get quite dirty up there. Like the long stem of the lotus channelizing her towards growth in the muddy waters, it is very possible for us to keep our focus upon growth, despite our muddled thoughts. We can grow from where we are. Just stay strong and be the Lotus.

Do the Difficult

What is a life without a challenge to overcome, a goal to reach and a purpose to find?! Life is not designed to be a smooth ride. Thoughts are meant to be acted upon, and that is where intelligence lies. It resides in the display of our ideas. Every time, you want to give up, think about your point A. Seek the power of your energy, understand it, channelize it with the right thoughts and enable transformation.

Stay grounded

We all derive our energy from the outside world. If it is sunlight, water, nutrients from the soil and Co2 that enable plant transformations; it is food, water and oxygen that will enable our own transformations. Our transformational energy will only be as right as the energy that we let into our bodies. So eat right, work right, sleep right and habituate right to transform into the best version of You.

Here’s to switching on our Transformational Energy!

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