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How to Awaken Your Inner Entrepreneur

Off late, I have been dilly-dallying with the idea of opening shop. But I have never ever been in the business-way even in the remotest corner of my vivid imaginations. I am a wanderer of the mind, a thinker, a writer – and none of these words spells business. The thing is, though, I want to set-up shop, and I have to do it all by myself, which also means, I have to install the talents of an entrepreneur into my lean, mean self.

As I reached out to buy at least one of the several self-help books for entrepreneurs, I was stuck by the enormity of it all. The smallest of books felt the most boring and the largest sounded dangerous. I wondered if there was a way to just think about entrepreneurship, and bingo! you are on your way to becoming one.

When we do think about it, the earliest entrepreneurship was the barter system, and the best entrepreneurs were just about everyone who went about their way without either the big “scary” terms or those self-help books.

My point is this – what if the skills of an entrepreneur already exist within the human race, and all we have to do is tap into those latent talents?!

Is there an entrepreneur within me? 

Yes, you are. And so am I.

So what is it within you and me that turns us into amazing entrepreneurs?! As I pondered over it, I was able to list out a specific set of thought patterns, practicing which, could light up our inner entrepreneur.

Look to solve a problem

Right from the time we are born, we are constantly looking for ways to solve problems. Our problems begin with the problem of hunger and then we search for ways to resolve this issue. It is the entrepreneur within us that booted us into growing grains and exchanging some of these for fruits. So, the first step is to figure out what problem can you solve? If I can, in some remote way, resolve the problem that you have in kicking off your inner entrepreneur, then you too have solutions to problems. It is as simple as this – if I can grow grains, then you can grow fruits. All you need to do is, figure yourself out.

Think win-win

The obvious next step is to think of the people on the receiving end as, winners too. It is only if your client is a winner, can you really achieve what you seek to achieve.

When my son started his cricket coaching, we were hoping that he would gain teachers who would be able to help him polish his raw skills at the game. Instead, and quite unfortunately, we have been placed in a situation where he needs to work on his self-esteem at the game. By focusing on the kids who already play well, and not the ones who need help to resolve the problem of learning the game, the coaches have established a one-sided winning system. Now, we have decided to pull our son out of this place. In this case, it is the entrepreneur who gets left behind.

So, think win-win. Don’t just look forward to winning for yourself, also look forward to making your client win too. The minute we begin thinking and working in terms of win-win is also the minute we instill the value of “belief” in our abilities. And “belief” is what accounts for a real partnership.


Strategy is big word that can step into the realms of horror the minute we look at it. But to strategize, is quite simple really. It is nothing but putting into place a step-by-step process to go about resolving a problem. Strategy works like a math problem. The best way to get the right answer is to figure it out step-by-step. If I want to make money running this blog, then I need to work out a process which will help me climb the ladder one step at a time. Some of my steps would include fixing the SEO into place, getting affiliate marketing up and about, etc.

Calculate the risks involved

Most often, we look at the outcome of a business as a risk. But here, the idea behind calculating the risks involved is to help us understand if we can jump steps while climbing to the top of the ladder. As we pause before each step, we try to analyze whether that particular step is required or if we can by-pass it and move onto the next one. For example, you could simply opt to bypass the tediousness of SEO and move onto social media marketing. But SEO, for what it is worth, can put you on top of the ladder without the need for social media marketing. It is also here that we decide what works best for us.

Materialize your ideas

While entrepreneurship is an idea, an entrepreneur is someone who gives shape to this idea. In other words, actions are what makes ideas real. An entrepreneur is the result of a habit of being one. If we want to become an entrepreneur, we need to practice being one first. So , get onto that first step and start materializing your idea.

Become your own client first

Feedback is crucial. And I am not talking about the feedback that we receive from our clients. I am referring to the feedback that we give ourselves. There are times when I love reading what I have written, and this is when I know that I have done a good job. Then there are the times when I, while reading what I have written, repeat blah-blah inside my head. When I do this, I stop to review my writing and analyze where it got boring enough for me to go blah-blah. Find out if you would be your own client – will you buy the fruits that you sell – why and why not?

Sustain your solution

Modification is the essence of human nature. To look at how something can be tweaked well enough to turn it into a better version is Nature’s way. We want our children to grow into better versions of ourselves, and that is why I have spent the greater part of my adult life instilling best practices into my son.

The same law applies to whatever solution that we are aiming to deliver to our clients. Our solutions should not only solve problems but they should also resolve the question of their own existence. Simply put, how will your solution solve the problem of sustaining itself. In my case, I would be seeking answers to questions like – how long will I be able to write? What is the expiry date on my ideas? Then, what do I do to keep my ideas in circulation? I could turn my blog into books. Maybe, into a course. Or, I could take parts of it and expand upon each part. Well, that is my plan of sustainability for you. What is yours?

The biggest first step is to practice our entrepreneurship upon ourselves and become awesome at resolving our own problems.

Entrepreneurship is something that exists within all of us. But, it is neither a talent, nor a skill, rather, entrepreneurship is a personality that grows based on the accumulation and practice of a set of values. It is a discipline based on the intense desire to balance personal and public growth.

Here’s to awakening your inner entrepreneur! Here’s to growing from within!

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