The Dopamine Kick: How Real is your Passion?!

Can there be anything called a false passion too?

Well, apparently, stuff like false passion does exist, and there is science to prove that. It all begins with the dopamine kick, and the question of how real is our dopamine kick?

If you are wondering what I am on about, give me a few minutes.

Dopamine is the chemical released within our brain that creates the motivation-reward factor within us. When we put down a book with a feeling of having read a good story, it is dopamine at work. And it is dopamine at work when we feel heady after a thorough workout. It is also dopamine that is responsible for the rush that surges through our body when we get down to working on something that is interesting. Something could be anything from coloring a doodle to cooking a dinner.

In simple words, dopamine creates a feeling before, during and after an activity to boost our performance levels.

Why is dopamine in place?

There are many times when I re-read my own articles simply because I like the way it has been written. I like my talent. But mere talent is not enough to do a thorough job. There is something else that keeps us hooked onto a job – and that is called interest. Passion is nothing but very high interest levels.

While the brain’s neural connections are responsible for talents, it is the chemicals generated within this organ that pushes these connections into working mode. I wouldn’t be writing if I did not want to write. I wouldn’t be writing this post if I were not interested in this topic. Simply put, it is not my talent that is making me write these words, rather, it is my interest in the topic that is the reason.

Passion is an intense desire – it is a feeling.

This feeling is created by chemicals. These chemicals, in turn, give us the feelings that prod us into showing our talents. That is why Dopamine is in place. It is all about the feeling, dude.

So how is dopamine generated in the first place?

We all know that the rest of the living world does not have the same ability that we do – they can’t think as much as we can. The lions hunt, not for fun, but to appease their hunger. The birds nest, not to settle down in life, rather to make babies and keep life working. Animals have an internal timer to which their brains are coded to react and act in an appropriate way. Whatever it is that they do, it is a reaction to a feeling – an instinct to an answer to call from within.

And what happens within, is called chemistry.

The chemistry that takes place within the body is the result of an industrial functioning through the machines that are our organs and the raw material being the food that we eat. In other words, chemicals are the by-products of the food that is cooked within the kitchens of the stomach. Which makes what we eat, the primary reason for our feelings.

Well, our feelings will only be as real as the food that we eat.

What do you mean?

It is a known fact that junk food is not good for the system. Whether it is getting off the couch or getting off junk food itself, junk affects our will to work. And will, is a feeling.

Which means, junk food is a big no-no when it comes to generating the right chemicals that in turn generate the right feelings. So, if you are high on intelligence and are also high on candy, then dude, your intelligence is as artificial as the candy that you are eating. It is not the Real You.

Besides, how would we even figure out that what we think we want, is what we really want?!

And that is how we are facing the epidemic of chasing false passions. Think about it, the connections that we make on Facebook are not as real as the connections that we make outside the virtual world. Connecting with our passion works in a similar way. Passion happens when we connect with ourselves, and try to become our own best friends. By chasing down false passions, we are not as really connected with ourselves as we think we are. Who we think we are, may not be who we really are.

In order to connect right with ourselves, we need to connect right with the one thing that keeps us connected to our real selves – Food.

Here’s to eating right and chasing your real passion!


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