connecting purpose to passion

Connecting Purpose to Passion

Let’s see…how do I begin this one…ah! Well, like I begin most other thing – with the tale of my son.

You see, this child of mine wants to become a cricketer. He dreams of raising his bat to the crowd that is chanting his name. His head space is filled with imaginations of leading his team into numerous victories. He dreams of pep-talking his players on the field. And, he dreams of becoming the nation’s hero.

Well…there are about a million others who have the same dreams.

I know that I am not talking encouraging

You are looking at me and going – what kind of a mother is she anyway?! I get you. But let me present my case before we reach a verdict.

I am an observer. As I take my son to his cricket classes and watch him play, I can see the abundance of talent around me. There are kids who seem to be born into the cricket field. And, there are so many kids out there who at a very tender age, display all of the mental and emotional intelligence that is needed to become a class player.

There was one question that has dogged me over the last several months through and beyond the hours that I spent at the cricket ground. My son’s interest did not match his talent.

He is out there playing and watching others play. Yet, there is something out there about this young guy that does not fit into the place.

It is his curiosity

My son is not curious about the techniques of cricket. He is not interested in the rules of the game, nor is he focused on getting the angles right. The thing about cricket that keeps him hooked to the game is the player profile.

My son’s curiosity over cricket has to do with player personalities, team rankings, ethical playing, and relationships among cricketing nations. Even outside the field of cricket, the boy’s mind is constantly working on developing relationships with people by talking to them. One of my cousins brought forth my ah! ha! moment when he remarked that my son was a “good interviewer.”

By matching his intelligence to his interest, I can foresee my son as an interviewer, a team manager, or an administrator in the big world of cricket. My husband and I would love to see him on the field, bat raised to acknowledge the cheering crowd. But, I also want to help my child understand that there are other ways to get on the field and acknowledge the cheering crowd. Ways that would help him use the gift of his intelligence to make the strongest of connections in the cricketing world.

You see what we have arrived at here

We are trying to match intelligence to interest – talents to desires – connecting purpose to passion. And we have arrived at this place by observing and acknowledging the inherent curiosity factor.

We all have a curiosity factor

It is our interests develop our curiosity over the said interests. And, it could be anything from curiosity over the alignment of the stars to curiosity over why your neighbor seems to get the best deals all the time. While the former could lead you towards astronomy, the latter could lead you towards setting up your own store. Having said that, it also does us good to understand that the curiosity over star alignment could also lead us towards astrology. And curiosity over a neighbor’s luck could help us develop an app to ensure that we get the best deals too.

My own curiosity over the unknown has turned me into a writer who explores the spirit world through her fiction and non-fiction writing.

The question is, why am I an author, and not an investigator who is out there on the field trying to understand the whys and the wheres of the spiritual world?!!!

Therein lies your skill

I have always been good with the written word, and ever since I discovered this, I have always known that a writer I would be. Just like I know how good my son is when he is talking to others, and getting them to open up about themselves.

Matching interest to a talent is as simple as matching a feeling to a thought. Because feelings don’t have words, we often get confused in the myriad of options around us, and the chaos of thoughts that fuel our desires. We often end up doing things that we can’t do just because we are attracted towards it.

A deep, continuous attraction towards a cricket bat could be a sign of a passion towards sports. And that’s just about it. From this point, we figure things out by figuring ourselves out. All this figuring out needs, is a dose of number-free math.

The math of permutations and combinations will help us get a clear vision of our target. As we keep combining our interests with out talents, we will eventually make the right connection. When the end is in sight, the route to this end will open up its opportunities, and obviously so because, our talents will help us anchor onto the opportunities.

The first step is to becoming aware

It is this awareness that stops me from encouraging my son when he is downcast over his performance during his cricket coaching sessions. Quite unlike the others in the house, I don’t jump into the “you can do it!” music session. Instead, every time he tells me that he is not a good cricketer, I ask my son why he feels this way. Sometimes, I can see a defiance in his eyes and words when he shoots out a stubborn “a cricketer I will become” line, which, while aimed at me, is in fact, targeted towards his own doubting Thomas. But there are the times when he grows silent and I know that he is looking into himself to  answer to his doubts.

The point that I am trying to get across is that not every doubt establishes a lack of self-esteem. Sometimes, doubts exist to establish an understanding. It is this understanding that will take us from what we think we can do to what we know we can do. For at the end of the day, doubts are only questions after all, and not a mark of self-esteem.

So, here’s to becoming aware of your curiosity factor, and connecting your purpose to your passion!


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