intention behind wealth

The Intention Behind Wealth

Last evening’s conversation with my son led him towards wondering why we had not stayed longer during a particular holiday that we had taken him on. I went on to explain to him about the constraints on budget and time, beyond which I fervently hoped that he got the point.

My son’s question was only a small doubt in the larger topic that has been nagging me for the last three months, ever since we moved from our adopted city and back into our home town. The essence of the larger topic is that my wallet is continuously emptying itself. My bank account fills up and drains out. Continuously.

The flow of money

Money, to me, has begun to flow – in and out. Even as I watch it coming in, I also watch it going out. Needless to say, I was terribly agitated over the issue. I pointed out to my husband that everything, right from school fees to hiring a cab was more expensive out here, and we had better move back to where we had come from. My husband, of course, looked at me like I had gone nuts.

I could trace my agitation to the fact that right through my initial working life to my later married, work-from-home years, I had accumulated wealth. And that was all that I had been doing. Outside my hometown, and in the adopted city, I did not have many friends or relatives. So my social calendar was glaring through its silence. My expenses were very less, and whatever little there was, was taken care of by my husband. So, wealth had always been something that I had accumulated.

When we moved back home, and my social calendar filled up, I watched my bank balance draining out.

But, over the last several years of accumulating wealth, I never understood what wealth was all about in the first place.

What is Wealth all about?

Wealth is a flow. It is a continuous movement.

The flow of wealth is like that of a river branching into tributaries. Wealth flows into our accounts and gets distributed towards fulfilling various needs – be it physical, mental or emotional. To hoard wealth is like hoarding water. Just like how hoarded water becomes dirty, germ-filled and useless beyond a point, so does wealth.

But how?

Let us take ourselves to our death-bed. No, really! From this vintage point, how does a bank-full of money look like to you? Useless, yes?!

Some of us might argue that our money would go to our children upon our demise. And that is good, right?

Wait! Listen to this argument

Why would our children need our money when they are supposed to be earning for themselves and their families? Is it healthy to foster the idea of wealth inheritance? Are we not un-enabling our children through our intentions?

When we think about this, we will understand that inheritance of wealth is not a healthy practice. We are in fact, robbing another person of the right to exercise their abilities. When we stagnate our wealth for our children, we are also stagnating their ability to make a life for themselves.

From here, let us get back to our view from above as we climb the staircase to meet our maker. What is the use of having so much and not doing anything about it? You will realize that you will now start climbing the staircase with a heavier heart.

Now, let us come down here and think of …

The intention behind wealth

The intention behind wealth is the same as the intention behind water. It is an energy.

Wealth is an energy. It is something that can be used to do something.

Not getting you…

Well, wealth is a means to an end. Simple.

When we stay in good shape to live a good life, then health becomes wealth. The use of our talents to do work, makes knowledge, our wealth. When we give away to the needy, then our goodness becomes wealth. Our emotions become our wealth when we are able to understand our feelings. When we are able to make a payment towards the car, school, or vacation, it is then that money becomes our wealth.

In other words, wealth is not what we have. Wealth is what we can use.

The intention behind wealth is to earn it, distribute it, and use it!

Here’s to earning our best wealth – our physical, mental and emotional health!  


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