god particle

Decoding the God Particle

Does God exist? If he does, then in what form does he exist? What does he do, and why does he create? If he is out there, then why is it that he continues to let people suffer? Is he a “he” in the first place? Phew!!!

Questions like these have haunted us ever since…ever since…what?!

Ever since we began to think?

Exactly! Questions like these don’t torment animals and other living beings. They just seem to go about their simple lives, simply. But it is this questioning attitude that makes us and breaks us at the same time. Why do we have to question the existence of God? Can’t we just let him be?!

That is because we can never let anyone be

Oh yeah! I forgot about that. As humans, we have developed the inherent talent of not letting anyone or anything be. We don’t let kids be – we have to mould them, we don’t let neighbours be – we have to gossip with or about them, we don’t let colleagues be – we have to either hug or punch them, we don’t let animals and plants be – we have to constantly kill them or study them. So, it is quite obvious that we will never let God be.

So what is God then?

God is an idea. He is also the creation of an idea. Some of us give him form, and the rest of us don’t. However preached, God is simply an idea expressed and carried forward.

The idea began when we realized that we could not beat nature. So, the idea of God began with a fear of the unknown, immeasurable energy of nature, and we began to show respect out of fear.

Then, came the presence of mythology – stories born out of imagination of this unknown. And from then on, God began to play with our mind. Because that is what stories do. They take over the brain completely and fascinated us enough to let the idea of God leave its permanent impression on humanity.

After this, came the people who I like to call “factors.” They were the singles that gave birth to multiples. Prophet Muhammad, Jesus of Nazareth, The Buddha, Guru Nanak, and so on and so forth. It is because of these people that the rest of us who were so far either fearful or fascinated with God, grew to love him.

Whatever way we see him, we have always seen God with fear, fascination, hate or love. That makes God…

…an Emotion!

Yup, according to our continuous, wholesome conscious, God is Emotion. And as we have become quite aware by now, emotions arise from within. If God is an emotion, and emotions arise from within, then why are we looking for the presence of God outside?!

We can safely blame science for that. The earliest scientists, whatever land they were from, were also terribly religious people. They have always looked at God as a factor, a particle that is present somewhere in the universe, creating and protecting us. The rest of us have always carried their ideas forward. That was how God became a particle, a something, while all the time he has been an emotion, a something that is both everything and nothing at the same time. In math, God is Infinity.

Does this mean God does not exist outside?

God is an emotion, and emotions not only exist within, they also exist outside. This happens because of something called a “spill over.” Our emotions are always spilling over through our expressions of anger, sadness, love, hate, etc. These spill overs are also picked up and reciprocated by others. If Gandhi had spilt peace, then Hitler spilt war, both of which was picked up and reciprocated by people around them.

That means that God is both good and bad!!!

God is an emotion. And emotions are neither good nor bad. They are just feelings. Feelings, that are perceived as being good or bad by our thoughts and actions. Take Gandhi for instance. He used his anger, which is perceived as a negative energy, and used it to procure freedom, peacefully. It is always our thoughts and actions that assume the form of the greatest opposites – good and bad.

It is never the emotion that needs control. Our thoughts and actions are what need to be managed. So, let us not blame emotions or God for what we have chosen to be. He is the neutral party.

This is also exactly how God became a Judge, a divine being who is the greatest mathematician, capable of calculating our actions to decide our fate. But destiny can be changed, you see. All we have to do is change our actions to change our destiny. And impress the God within.

So, all this means…

…that God is a neutral force that does not take sides. He is just an emotional entity penetrating everyone, and watching us as we try to watch Him.


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