non recurring recurrence

The Non-Recurring Recurrence

Have you noticed them patterns – how they keep repeating themselves. Obviously, that is what a pattern is all about in the first place, right? In math, patterns are called recurrences. And recurrences are present everywhere.

The recurrence of flower petals, spots on the aloe vera, stripes on the zebra, migration of the birds, arrival of seasons, fine lines on our skin, etc, etc, etc. Take anything, explore any subject – the presence of recurrence is felt everywhere.

Even in history. The recurrence of kings, the recurrence of wars, the recurrence of freedom struggles. People also recur. Gandhi recurred through people like Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King Jr. Gandhi himself, with his attitude towards peace and personal freedom, was a recurrence of the Buddha. We are a recurrence of our parents.

When you think about it, this whole recurrence itself is a recurrence. Yeah, that is how the universe hints at the mind play it performs. And with the emergence of parallel universe or the possible presence of multiple universes, the universe itself is one mega, ginormous, recurrence. So, undoubtedly, the rest of the stuff contained within the universe will follow suit. Including the human mind.

Take the recurrence of thoughts for instance. There is whole positivity, negativity thing. And then there is the middle way thingie. Our thoughts are based on our interests. While interest is always taken as something that we like, in reality, the brain reads interests as being things that are interesting. This includes anything from science, to sports. It also includes everything from war to a murder mystery. Let’s face it, bad news is depressing news, but interesting news nevertheless.

Now why and how does this happen?

We have the human mind to thank for that. You see, our brain is always in search of something different, to break the monotony of a single work. That is why the indulgence in gossip, opinion formation and automatic distraction towards bad news. Cause good news is also, unfortunately, boring news.

You see what is happening here. The brain, while known for the creation of habits, is also trying to break the recurrence it has set for itself. And that is all because of the single emotion called boredom. Of course, it is the pattern-breaking pattern of the brain that has led to inventions and creations, as also brought about destruction and disease.

But pattern-breaking is not a recurrence that is only subject to the human brain. The rest of nature also breaks its patterns. It happens when an albino is born, children develop with defects, someone has a sixth finger, a sudden climate and weather change, a mutated calf with an extra pair of legs hanging from its hump. Every single thing that breaks the pattern of recurrence is so interesting because it is different. And the brain digs different, because, it also digs interesting.

The recurrence of non-recurrence leads us to an interesting question. What is the non-recurrence in space? Where does the universe break its own pattern of recurrence? Where did it get bored enough to create something different?

All through our knowledge of the past, the present and the immediate future, we can find one common non-recurrence in the universe.

The universe holds the recurrence of galaxies, star systems, planets, moons, meteors, black holes and similar other stuff. What does not recur in the universe, though, is the recurrence of life.

However far we have gone, how many ever theories we have proposed, how many ever stories our ancestors have spun, we are yet to find life outside the planet. For through the infinite recurrences and non-recurrences, the universe and we, are only reflecting each other, with nothing to hide and everything to understand.

So, let us face up to the harsh truth of existence. There is no planet B. Despite the human recurrence of leaving our home in search of newer pastures, we all have only one home to protect. And she is called Earth.


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