pattern of saying yes

Of Falling into the Pattern of Saying “Yes”

The theory for the pattern of saying “Yes” is based on the person who can’t hang up on his friend’s call despite knowing that his friend has a habit of hanging onto him every time he gets drunk. It is also the same person who stays in an abusive relationship, or the person who rushes to help her friends out with stuff they are quite capable of doing on their own, and so on and so forth. In other words, the pattern of saying “yes” is based on people who let themselves get used and abused.

Every time such a person says “yes,” they fall.

Case for the Theory

The case for this theory is taken from communicable diseases. Yup. It sounds strange, and you might laugh a bit. But I have a point to prove.

So, here we go.

Communicable diseases are ailments that spread from an infected person to a healthy person. Or a so-called healthy person. Because if I really were healthy, I wouldn’t catch the disease in the first place, would I? Ha!

Let us look at the people who are coughing and sneezing and try to understand what has happened to them. One person’s body was so filled with germs that it got out every time the person opened the holes on his body. I am referring to the mouth and nose here, people. And the other person’s body – well, it was not healthy enough to fight off the germs. Science calls this lack of immunity. When a person lacks immunity, obviously, he or she is not healthy enough.

How can this happen?

The brain is the master controller. The rest of the body submits to the brain’s autocratic control. Although the brain is only helping the rest of the body do whatever it is supposed to do, all the whatever it is supposed to do is, in fact, what the brain wants to do. Which makes the brain dependent on the rest of the body, because for without the body, the brain can’t do what it wants to do. So, the brain is not only the king of the body, it is also forced to double up as its guard.

Which means the brain will protect the body from being attacked by germs.

Where am I getting to with all of this?

If the body lacks immunity, then it is because the brain lacks power i.e. the power to help the body overcome the assault of an external force. So, what the germs are doing when they are spreading, is finding similar host bodies. Therefore, communicable diseases are ailments that spread from an infected person to a person who is profiled for catching infections.

Which brings us to the point where we realize that the germs are networking with people’s bodies. The germs are looking for people who simply can’t say “no” to them. Very much like the people who cannot say “no” to others.

The ability to say “no” to people who are using us is a power. It is the power that defines our position as a defender of our privacy. The same power keeps us from falling for the dangerous temptations of the world. It is because, the brain that falls for someone else’s sickness, is the same brain that also falls for everything else. And fall is always a dangerous word when we don’t know how to get up. But, why set ourselves to fall in the first place when we can prevent that very thing from happening?

The best way to avoid this fall is to develop our body’s immunity, which increases brain power, which stops us from falling. A healthy mind is always the present of a healthy body.

– From a person who has developed the ability to say “no.”


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