evolution of worries

The Evolution of Worries

In my previous post, I had written about how the drama played by the mind increases worry.

What is worry and where does it come from?

I worry when my son does not come home on time from school or play, because I am afraid that he might have gotten hurt. My best friend worries about her son when he plays with other kids, because she is afraid that he might get influenced by their wrong behavior. We all worry about our work, our family, our home, our freedom, our life, because we are all afraid that we might lose it.

The common thread in all of these sentences is the Fear Factor.

“I will fall down if you don’t hold me.” This is what my father-in-law, who has a gait problem, tells me every time I try to urge him to walk a little bit by himself. He can walk by himself, but his fear of falling overpowers any existing desire to walk. So, he spends a typical day sitting in one place, moving only to satisfy the body’s needs to relive itself. My husband and his brother often have to resort to threats to get their father to leave his safe-zone for a few minutes of walking. The problem with my father-in-law is his heightened fear of falling.

Our worries have grown along with the evolution of fear.

What is the Evolution of Fear?

All of us have fears. My son is afraid of the strays on the road, and I am afraid for my son who is afraid of the strays. My sister-in-law is constantly afraid for her daughter’s safety. One of my friends is afraid of failure, and another of loneliness. My greatest fear has always been that of insanity. But all of us regardless of race, religion, gender or animal share the greatest common fear – death.

Death is the original fear. Animals are afraid of other animals massacring them for dinner. This is fear in its rawest form. Early man too was threatened by this fear. But, it was also his only fear. He had no job to stress out over, family to worry about, or phobias to get nervous with.

The problem with fear began when man began to bond, and formed families to care for. Man began to worry about the safety of this family. So, along with the evolution of love, came the evolution of fear. Then came civilization, and man also began to worry about his land because he was afraid of the forces of nature that could make or break his land. This fear caused him to fear nature, and that gave birth to religious fear, the fear of God.

Next on the list is industrialization, and man began to grow afraid of the vehicles that could cause an accident, the machines that could ruin his livelihood, the rulers who could force heavy taxes upon him, the children whose education he might not be able to afford, the parents whose medical expenses he might not be able to meet, and so on and so forth.

With the technological era around him, man has reached the zenith of fears. Afraid of loss of liberty, afraid of loss of values, afraid of loss of health, and now we are on the threshold of handling the greatest fear that could defeat the fear of death. It is the fear of failure.

There is nothing left that is not be afraid of.

How does fear affect the Body and the Mind? Find out in my next post

Let’s introspect over these;

  • Have you worried about things when you were a child?
  • What did you worry about?
  • What do you worry about as an adult? Make a list.


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