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Finding Inspiration – It Always Lies Within

We are always in awe of certain people who we immediately term as “inspirations.”

Among most Indians’ greatest inspirations lie the names of personalities like Gandhiji, Sachin Tendulkar, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam and MS Dhoni.

So, what is it about them that makes us go “wow” and feel inspired?

It is their story.

The first is the tale of a man who channeled his rage over the abuse of his freedom, and led an entire nation into achieving their own freedom. Second, comes the story of a boy who catapulted himself into stardom as a teenager. Then comes the story of a newspaper boy who turned his life around to become one of the greatest scientists the nation has produced. And finally, comes the story of a talented sportsman who dared to change the script when he realized he had gotten stuck in some other tale.

Everyone of them dared to grow, and dared to grow strong.

Now, the question is – whose story inspired them?

Although each of their stories is different, the answer is always the same.

Inspiration always comes from within.

Here’s to finding inspiration by connecting with the world that lies within! 



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